Tips to Secure Your Solar Panels from Thieves

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After a successful solar panels installation Las Vegas, you should start searching for ways for you to protect them from bad guys and thieves lurking within your neighborhood. To help you with that, we will share to you the following tips from the industry experts that you need to consider: 

Block access to the solar panels 

If solar panels are finally installed on your rooftop, guarantee that you haven’t let the thieves easily get access to your panels. If you’ve installed on-ground solar panels, secure the perimeter for security and safety reasons. Sometimes, a simple fence near solar can discourage thieves because it will let them take additional time and effort for them to really deal with and continue to detach the panels.  

Attach stainless steel bolts 

There are other reputable companies out there that provide fastener systems that have distinct keys. Meaning, there is no way that a person who does not have the unique key can gain access to the bolts. Though it can cost high—varies from 300 to 500 dollars—it’s actually reason enough to use this safety option when you’ve got solar panels on your rooftop that cost way more than this equipment. It will still be a great investment—that we can guarantee. Attaching stainless steel bolts will be worth it.  

Know your panels’ serial numbers 

After having your solar panels installed, make sure to take note of all of their serial numbers. In the event the thieves really managed to carry and detach all or some of your solar panels away, others may be rash enough not to remove the serial number. Knowing the serial number can be advantageous for you and can make it easier for you to find and deal with your missing solar panels in case you need to push through the case to the legal justice system.  

When you are planning to go for a more advanced option, there are solar company system providers that will offer you to etch the serial number and the bar code on the label. Meaning, the thieves will not be able to actually remove the serial number. Moreover, if you get to tract the solar panels that got stolen from you, it will be much easier to prove to them that those panels actually belong to you.  

Put alarm system 

Upon looking around, you will know that what a solar panel alarm system can offer is not almost as rich and different as the one intended to protect vehicles and homes, for instance. Still, having an alarm system is one of the logical selections you can get. The majority of these systems can be set up so that you can be alarmed when it recognizes some movement in your solar systems. 

Motion sensitive cameras are another solution you can use, which is more advanced and currently a hot item since it can’t just detect any movements but it records the thieves’ actions as well. 

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